Crafting Canine Connections
for a Vibrant Partnership

Elevate Companionship With Expert Canine Communication

Walking with a Friend, LLC
Walking with a Friend, LLC

Learn How to Speak Dog

At Walking with a Friend, LLC in Gainesville, VA, our goal is to help you and your dog to enjoy your lifetime together. We will teach you and your canine companion a new language that will help you communicate with each other. Our lessons will help you see the world as your dog sees it.

Dogs are our family members. They need continuous education and enrichment, just like children. We will teach you how to live and empathize with your pet in the best possible way.

Who We Are

Here at our company, we have worked with dogs and their pet parents for the past twelve years, Roni has been dedicated to studying canine behaviors and positive reinforcement (+R) modern science-based training methods. We always want to understand how dogs react to each other and the world around them. There is a special place in her heart for every single dog that we work with. Every relationship is a puzzle. There are times when many pieces fit, but some parts are more obvious than others. We will work with you and your dog or puppy to keep your life together safe, polite, and fun.