Walking with a Friend, LLC

Excellent Dog Training

Walking with a Friend, LLC in Gainesville, VA, offers pain and force-free training methods to help you bond with your dog. We can teach your dog to do what you want them to do without damaging their spirit and playful nature. Our staff will help you improve and maintain your trusting, bonded relationship with your four-legged friend.

Services Offered

Puppy Socialization Program Options

  • Board and Train Bootie Camp.
  • Specializing in Puppy Socialization.
  • Puppy Head Start Programs are available in 2, 3, and 4-week options. Typically 2-3 weeks away from home in training with a trainer and 2 to 3 weeks of owner coaching to teach the pet parent how to continue and maintain training for 12 to 20-week-old Old Puppies.

Adult Board and Train Programs are available - Two Weeks Minimum

  • Polite manners and foundation behaviors are taught using games, puzzles, and fun.
  • Written step-by-step instructions are given for all behaviors trained.
  • We will coach and support you through all phases of your dog's training.

Private Class Owner Training Programs

  • Puppy, Adolescent, and Adult Dogs.
  • Our private owner training program is offered in Four and Six-week options and is divided into "Out and about Town," Training Room Manners Education, and Puppy Socialization with several playtime breaks in our large fenced yard. Occasionally, they might meet our two resident Momma dogs.

All Puppy and Adult Dog Programs

  • Programs include assistance with the following:
  • Leash manners, ending and understanding excessive barking, teaching polite greetings.
  • Living with Kids and Dogs.
  • Family Pet Dog Training.
  • Service Dog Coaching and Tune-ups.
  • Always Fear-Free, Force-Free, Pain-Free.
  • We Build Relationships and Trust by Using Positive Reinforcement & Bond Based Scientifically Proven Teaching Methods.
  • Reinforcement Rewards include Praise, Toys, Food, Life Rewards, and anything else that your dog likes.
Walking with a Friend, LLC
Walking with a Friend, LLC

All Programs are Custom Designed for Your Desired Outcomes

Your Puppy or Adult dog will learn the following:

  • Watch (Focus, Attention), Touch (Nose Target) Sit, Down, Stay, Stand, Wait, Come, Leave it, Trade.
  • Take, Give and Drop it, Go to their Place, Bed & Crate, Loose Leash Walking, Long Line Walking, Go, Sniff, with distractions, distance, and duration, as well as Find it (Search) and Polite Greetings.

We will work together to maintain their healthy curiosity and the amazement and joy you share with them.

Board and Train Program for Busy Pet Parents

We train your dog and then teach you to continue training your dog at home. We teach your dog what you want them to do using play, food, toys, games, and affection.

After your dog's history has been submitted, a 90-minute in-person evaluation Meet and Greet session will be scheduled. This meeting is to make certain that we are a good match for your family and to discuss your goals. Cost - $150

This program is limited to one dog per 2-week Board & Train program. There are 14 sessions total for $2800. Many pet parents choose this program when they need vacation boarding for their dog and want to sharpen their skills or learn new ones.

Walking with a Friend, LLC

Home-Style Boarding for Your Puppy or Adult or Senior Dog

For established client pet-parents only, as may be needed boarding for vacations, special events, etc.