Pet Parent Testimonials

“Roni is amazing. We have two Aussie-doodles and both have been trained by Roni since they were puppies. Rigby and Gus have completely difference personalities and learning styles and Roni was able to adapt her training styles to meet the needs anlearning behaviors of each dog. Roni is extremely knowledgeable and accessible and she has a passion for dogs and it shows in the way she interacts and trains them. Roni's goal is to not only create a well behaved dog but more importantly to create a successful partnership between dog and owner.”

Kristy R. Manassas, VA

"Roni is a dog lover who also cares about your relationship with your dog. This is what has driven her to learn all about dog behavior. She prioritizes the training to accommodate different lengths of time with dogs and owners. Roni taught me the underlying reasons for the training techniques so that if I think about it, I can come up with my own. She is easy to work with, respectful, forgiving, knowledgeable, and most of all caring.”

Bruce M. Manassas, VA

“Your puppy is out of control or you dog out of control? Or perhaps your four footed friend is not adjusting with the new baby in the house or since Mom has moved in with you as her health has declined? Who are you going to call? You are seriously thinking about taking the dog to the shelter or finding it another home. I strongly recommend that you call Roni Campbell.

Five years ago, I rescued two Boston Terriers. When I rescued them they were totally out of control, tugging at leashes and just plain “wild”. I was at my wits end, but Roni intervened and has made us a “family”. She has a relationship with each and every dog and they are just glad to see her. When I say to my dogs, “Let’s go see Aunt Roni, they immediately start to wag their tails and get excited.” Roni has also taken care of my two fur babies when I am out of town. Although they are very excited to see me when I pick them up, they are reluctant to leave their Aunt Roni’s home and fun toys.

Is the training expensive? Not really when you consider the long-term investment. You will be having a stronger bond with your dog as well as more knowledge about how to handle your dog during life’s unexpected moments. Also, Roni is extremely knowledgeable, has taken many professional courses in dog training and is not in it for the money. She is honest and desires for you to have the best relationship with your dog(s). After all, dogs are a man’s best friend and they always have unconditional love for you. I strongly recommend Roni Campbell. She may not be able to save the world, but she can certainly help to save the relationship between you and your dog!”

Dale Marie W. Haymarket, VA

“We did training with Roni and had a wonderful experience. She made us at ease since this was our first time with a trainer. She asked us for our expectations of the class and delivered. She was patient with us and our dog never hesitated going over the instructions when needed. Roni also provided insight as to how both my husband and I can continue the training we both wanted. Roni also, warned us that the training is only as good as the owner’s willingness to commit to constant reinforcement and continuing education. We are extremely happy with the training we signed up for and Roni is still there answering questions we still have”

Kathy K. Woodbridge, VA

“It is with great pleasure and confidence that my husband and I endorse Roni Campbell as a dog trainer and so much more.

Having made the decision to adopt a six-week-old Golden Lab/Retriever mix we set out on an adventure of a lifetime.
It became quite apparent quite quickly that we needed some professional dog help. That help came in the form of Roni Campbell. We attended Roni’s puppy training and it was apparent from the first minute of our meeting, that dogs are her passion. As a trainer, Roni takes complete control with a gentle yet firm hand. She literally was able to take charge of a class of very unruly puppies in a matter of minutes.

As the weeks progressed it was very clear that Roni is the “dog listener”. Roni is committed to being the best trainer possible. Throughout our association of two years she has continued to attend professional training courses. Roni is in all things ethical, kind, and professional. As new dog owners we of course were very concerned about the well-being of our dog and Roni imparted the wisdom that we needed to insure a happy, healthy and well-heeled dog. It is without reservation that we endorse Roni as a Trainer in the full description of the word. If it is discipline, good canine citizenship, tips on dog health, tricks or general knowledge Roni is our go to person.

The fact that she will be offering boarding in addition to her training skills provides our region with a very exciting opportunity to leave our dog in a “home” setting with no worries about care or treatment.”

Harris and Kathleen A. Manassas, VA

“I cannot recommend Roni highly enough to care for and train dogs. My dog Faith and I have worked with Roni in the past in multiple Dog Training Classes. I am impressed not only with how much Roni knows about dogs, but her natural love for them. She is also an extremely kind person.

My dog is my very best friend in the world and I would not trust just anyone to take care of her. I don't want my dog in a kennel, or other places have looked into. Roni's home is the exact place I will always want my dog to taken care of and stay, and especially by Roni. I would drive a very long way for her to care for my dog.

I also have more at peace of mind with Roni looking after Faith than I do being anywhere else.”

Laurie T. Manassas, VA

“We, Ken, Kerstin and Sunny met Roni in the summer of 2015 when she conducted a Puppy Training Class. We are first time dog owners and did not know much about dog behavior. Roni was able to patiently explain to us how dogs, "tick." She is a great advocate for positive reinforcement training but most of all Roni is a great advocate for dogs.

Her gentle and loving way has a great success rate. She is constantly educating herself on new techniques and discoveries that help her understand dogs even better. She loves to share her knowledge with all dog owners.

Over the last few months she has become a treasured friend and lovingly helped us out with watching Sunny. We would entrust him to Roni's care anytime, because we know he is in the most loving and caring hands imaginable.”

Kerstin and Ken B. Manassas, VA

"Well, our Husky was driving us crazy with all his extra energy, chewing up our house and then, we went to see Roni. She helped him learn behavioral skills, so he could be more disciplined. We still have him today because of Roni. He's my son's dog, so that means the world to me that we could keep our dog, who now was so much better behaved and civilized!"

Robin N. Manassas, VA